Welcome to the website of the Crossroads Festival, the international festival for visual theatre.

A meeting point where identities cross, overleap and follow their own path. A crossroad where different disciplines meet, complementary, yet be unique. This visual theatre with a historical past shows his versatile face towards the future. New theatre artists bring contemporary topics, for a wide audience and yet remain stubborn.

ACT 3 – 15-17.11.2013

The goal is to ensure a solid foundation for this 3rd Edition of the dynamic ‘ Crossroads Festival ‘ for the future.

Our ‘ quick start ‘ was slightly adjusted to put this successful project with growth capacity back on the right track. We wanted to do too much with too few people in too short a time. After redrawing the lines we could convince the competent Minister and Commission.

The strong emphasis on the research of the so called ‘ crossovers ‘ makes ‘ Crossroads ‘ a unique festival for Visual and Movement Theatre of the 21st century. ‘ Crossroads ‘ shows like no other theatre festival the multidisciplinary character of the performing arts in one program!

The cooperation with Het Zuiderpershuis and De Kunsthumaniora (Betty Braemzaal) creates a strong clear base and ensures the favourable interpretation of an international theatre festival.

As organizer, I am pleased that we can present this international programme. Look forward to the magical poetic theatre of the Finnish WHS, the not-to-be-missed musical high mass by Karbido (P) inspired by the work of John Cage and all the other unique and particular!

Also this edition brings this festival a program with high quality Visual Theatre, exclusive productions and Belgian premieres. Be there (again) this year! Marc Crauwels.