Welcome to this web page of our new international project,
the european Mime Index (e-MIX)

The e-MIX is a new quality label for mime and visual theatre, our main objective is to expand the general interest for the genre to a wider audience. To achieve this we provide programmers of festivals, theaters, cultural centers and others this new and handy tool to encourage them to program modern visual theatre. The e-MIX starts an international dialog between the creators of this visual theatre and unites them in a european, and later in an international network.

The e-MIX is, described simply, a Promotional Network that installs a Quality label, combined with a Travelling Promotion Festival, showing annually a selection of 3 exiting and promising productions united in a framed project. An artistic (selection) committee with members of all the official partners of e-MIX will be installed to make this selection possible. They will meet regulary to evaluate the subscribed compagnies and subsequently grant or grant not the quality label.

As founder and as organizer of this project the International Mime Square Festival vzw. Belgium (Central Europe) got the next founding co-organizing members willing to organise a first edition: COS – International Mime Festival Spain (Southern Europe), International Mime Art Festival Poland (Eastern Europe), Waves Festival Vordingborg Denmark (Northern Europe). Interesting festivals in other countries already reacted enthousiastic which will allow this project to expand to a compact but integrated international network after the 2011 pilot edition.

Theatre companies willing to request a selection application for the new quality label can soon download the registration form on this website. The application will be studied by the artistic selection committee once received. A unique yearly selection date will be communicated later. You can contact the office of e-MIX for any additional questions from now on.

We are convinced that this new international festival network is a serious tentative to create a compact and efficient promotion platform for visual theatre of the future .The project is furthermore based on very manageable artist fees and modest travelling trajects which makes it a financially attractive project for programmers and organizers. We just demand a little effort of all programmers, the attractive and unique performances will do the rest.

To visual theatre of future generations!

Marc Crauwels, Founder e-MIX.