As an international meeting place, the festival aims to encourage the creation of visual theater and presents visual theater of high quality (mime) to a large audience.


Through the 2010-2012 round of structural recognition, the festival aims to develop and launch a new project for visual theater, to ensure the sustainability of the festival for the next decade. Three policy issues will be examined.

1) International Crossroadsfestival – presentation – must remain a public festival.
This is so valuable and necessary to visualise the dialogue with the public about visual theater. The past has shown that there is a broad public interest for the genre.

2) European Mime-Index (e-MIX) – promotion – directed to programmers.
A concrete and effective formula is developed based on previous similar projects. This project will open doors for a dialogue with the Flemish arts sector about mime and by creating a new European Mime network an international discourse about visual theater will start.

3) The project 20 years visual theater in Flanders (1992-2012) – information and documentation – makes the account of mime in Flanders published in book form.
This publication will also include a policy for the future and could be a valuable working document for the next generation.

It is evident that in this qualification round the whole project will just be drawn. For the further development towards a fully successful realisation the following structural round 2013-2016 is nessessairy.